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Directions to Chicuanga Resort

GPS Co-ordinates:

S24 5915.3, E33 586.8 Chicuanga Resort is about 800 km from Pretoria and Johannesburg. From Nelspruit, continue on the N4, passing Malelane & Komatipoort, till you reach the Lebombo Border Post. From here it’s 355km to Chicuanga Resort. From the border, keep straight to Maputu. Follow the road north to Xai Xai / Inhambane. You will pass the following big towns en route to Xai Xai: Manhica Macia From the Limpopo Bridge, 31 km from the petromoc garge in Xai-Xai to the Chicuanga Resort turnoff on your right. The last town you will pass before Chicuanga Resort is Nhamavilla. Look out for the following sign posts: Daily administration in excess of 400 mg of pentobarbital visite site Similarly, care should be exercised when administering with CYP3A. Distrito de Manjecaze (on your left) Chicuanga Resort (on your right) Turn off to your right and follow the dirt-road for 7km to the reception. Keep left on this road.

Important Road Tips:

  • The trip from Maputu to Chicuanga Resort (250km) takes on average 3 to 4 hours.
  • Money should not be exchanged with the locals at the border. Please use the exchange bureau just before the border, at the BP Garage.
  • At the border you will need valid Passports for everyone in the party.
  • In addition, you will need copies of your vehicle’s registration.
  • Please drive a bit slower than the speed limits in the towns.
  • It is advisable to rather give a copy of your Drivers’ License, and not your original License, to a traffic officer.